Secret Squirrel

Tied and Submitted by: Phil Brandt

Pattern Recipe:
Hook –
Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish hook #6-8
Thread – Hot Orange or Chartuese
Eyes – Mini bar bell- 1/80 OZ
Rudder – 12# line
Fur Pine Squirrel strips

Pattern History:
I saw a Tarpon fly pattern and thought about miniaturizing it.  I had tried to fish sculpin patterns but the tails always got tangled around the hook.  I saw this method of vertically looping a piece of heavy mono through the rabbit zonker strip and then incorporated with the pine squirrel.

When fished with a intermediate sink line it is a killer of a pattern that mimics a sculpin.

Comments / Special Instructions:
Tie in the eyes first.

Then tie in a short 2 inch segment of heavy mono.  Leaving it extended beyond the hook.

Tie in the tail section securing it to the hook.  Next stick a needle though the leather portion of the strip about 1 cm or 1/2 inch from the bend of the hook.  Insert the mono through the leather portion and secure down to the hook.  The curve of the loop should be at the insertion part of the leather.  Option #2 is to insert the mono from the bottom up of the leather and then cautery device melt the mono to form an eye which in turn will hold the strip in place.  Easier but tricky if you don’t have the little battery powered device.  Careful not to burn the hairs.

Finish the wrap of the pine squirrel forward until you get to the eyes and finish off.the head.

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2 thoughts on “Secret Squirrel”

  1. Phil, excellent pattern! Works well. Can’t wait for the big Browns and Rainbows this fall

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