RLP a Femme Fatale

Tied and Submitted by: Greg Saunders

Pattern Recipe:
Tiemco TMC 8089NP  #2 or #6
Thread: Uni Big Fly
Head: Sandable Foam Cylinder size 1/2 or 3/8
Action: FlyLipp
Adhesive: Clear Cure Goo
Flash: Krystal Flash Pearl
Tail: Dyed or natural chamois
Wing: Marabou
Collar: Palmered hackle tied “back”
Sides: Short wide hackle
Body: Spun deer hair
Eyes: stick on (homemade)

Pattern History:
When, preparing for a trip to Bolivia, a client asked me to design a pattern to throw at golden dorado. I immediately thought of the RLP, a fly created by a good friend Doug Rose. Doug created the “Rose Lipped Popper” as an explosive topwater/diver. But when tied large, the materials tended to sap the fly of its natural swimming action. However with some experimentation, I found that with the addition of a chamois tail, combined with a marabou collar, the swimming action was greatly increased, enabling me to tie this pattern quite large, up to 5-7 inches long. Furthermore, unlike zonker strips, the chamois tail doesn’t impede the cast-ability with added weight and resistance. Hughes Lowrance named his all black version, a color preferred by dorado, the “doradobedamned”. But I realized that the action produced by this pattern had applications here in the U.S. in both fresh and salt water. This fly would be excellent for snook, jacks, stripers, and specks in saltwater or pike, bass,or hybrids in fresh.

Comments / Special Instructions:
To fish primarily as a topwater, I recommend that you throw this fly on a floating line. But my favorite way to fish this fly is on the end of a long fluorocarbon leader and an intermediate sink line. This combination allows me to still create a really good surface pop with an initial sharp strip, but then, with successive short strips, the fly will swim down a few feet with an incredible life-like side to side motion.

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