Golden Woven Stonefly

Tied and Submitted by: John Shosh

Pattern Recipe:
Hook:¬† Mustad 37160 – Partridge K2B –¬†Daiichi 4250 – Gamakatsu C12U

Description: Wide Gape, Slightly Reversed, Ball Eye Turned Up, Bronzed.

Size: 8

Lead: .030

Thread: Yellow 6/0 Pre-Waxed

Tail: 2 Goose Biots Dyed Amber

Underbody: Plastic, cut to form

Abdomen: 2 Strands Dark Brown 1 Strand Copper & 3 Strands Yellow Floss

Legs: Light Brown Button Thread

Thorax: Cream Yellow Dubbing

Wing Pads: Hen Mallard Body Feathers, Burnt to form.

Antennae: Light Brown Button Thread

Pattern History:
One of the first patterns I was taught was a simple stonefly. As my tying abilities increased, so did the look of the stonefly. I switched from a dubbed body to a woven body changing the wing pads to a burnt mallard, and adding more realistic legs. I have used this pattern and would stand by it on any stream.

Comments / Special Instructions:
Adding 1 strand of copper thread with the 2 strands of brown for the top weave gives the stonefly “life” and breaks up the soild brown. Protions are the most important part of tying this pattern.

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