Craft Fur Streamer Fly

Tied and Submitted by:  Jobina Chia

Pattern Recipe:
Hook: Gamakatsu long shank hook size #6
Thread: Wapsi UTC Clear Monofilament
Eyes: 3D Epoxy eyes Clear Magic (medium)
Under Body: White Craft Fur
Inner Body: Silver Polar Flash
Top Body: Red Craft Fur

Pattern History:
Love fishing for Peacock Bass (PB) here in Malaysia. They love chasing after baitfish, and we use to hook them up on Charlies and Clousers. Tying this pattern, makes the fly looks more like the life baitfish and can also hook up the Mama & Papa PBs. Even the snakeheads here can also be caught using this Streamer fly (specially red color).

Comments / Special Instructions:
Love tying using Craft Fur. It’s action in the water on the Fly, makes it looks real and swim very sexily. Furthermore, you only uses 1 type of material (Craft Fur), and it can tie a beautiful fly which can hook up many fish.

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