Fingernail Beetle

Tied and Submitted by: Mike Brinkac

Pattern Recipe:

1. Hook: Eagle Claw Wide Bend #10.
2. Thread: UNI-Thread, Olive #6/0.
3. Legs: Centipede Legs, Speckled Olive, Medium (x6).
4. Body: Variegated Chenille, Black/Olive, Medium.
5. Shell: Layered Artificial Fingernail.
6. Foam: 2mm Thin Fly.
7. Fingernail Polish: Revlon
  a. Black.
  b. Metallic.
  c. Matte Suede.

1. Cut artificial fingernail with clippers to desired shape and size.
  a. The fingernail is cut and layered to simulate wings on the shell.
2. Paint shell/wings with fingernail polish.
3. Glue foam to underside of shell and trim.
4. Wrap hook with thread and attach chenille.
5. Attach legs and palmer chenille.
6. Glue shell to body.  Secure with thread at head.  Paint eyes on head.
7. Whip finish.

 Pattern History:
Most beetle flies are tied with foam bodies.  MJ’s Beetle incorporates an artificial fingernail cut into a beetle shell with underlying foam for flotation.  The Fingernail Beetle uses multiple centipede legs to give it that “look alive” animation as it floats on the surface.

Comments / Special Instructions:
This fly simulates a Japanese Beetle.  The pattern is very effective in the summer and fall when other terrestrials are present.  The shell can also be painted entirely in black to imitate a black water beetle.

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