Fish Foolin’ Frog

Tied and Submitted by: Jeff Price

Pattern Recipe:
Hook: Mustad CK52S size 10
Body: Wapsi Perfect Popper Body size 10
Hackle: Dyed Grizzly Olive Saddle Hackle
Legs: Grizzly Barred Yellow
Tail: Squirrel Tail Yellow
Thread: 8/0 Black
Paint: Avocado, White, Yellow and Black Varnish and Sealer: Pre Sealer and Gloass Exterior/Interior Varnish
Small dowel or brass rods for the stippling

Pattern History:
I love fishing poppers for smallmouth and panfish during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.  I could never seem to get the right size I was looking for so I decided to start making my own. Through trial and error I found that the green with yellow and black spots worked like a charm for smallmouth and panfish in the Monocacy River near Frederick, Maryland.  I tightened my dots up and made them smaller.  I also started doing some black dots within the yellow dots.

Chain-Gang Kermit

Tied and Submitted by: Dean Myers

(Editor’s Note: Dean Myers is the 2010 Feather-Craft Fly Tying Contest Grand Prize Winner, therefor this submission is for fun only)

Pattern Recipe:
Hook: TMC 8089
Legs: two tone rabbit strip (olive w/black tips) tied in as legs and feet
and bead chain
Body: Marabou palmered, white, yellow and olive
Foam (white, olive, yellow) 2mm
Weed Guard: heavy mono

Pattern History:
This is a new popper pattern I put together and cannot wait till it is warmer to try it out.

Comments / Special Instructions:
Tying instructions:
I tied the feet on the chain and then attached the chain to the hook.  Then I tie in the rabbit strips to the hook but also put a few wraps around the chain and rabbit to help it flair out.  Then I tie in the foam, White on bottom of the hook and olive and yellow on top.  Tie in the tips of the marabou feathers and palmer them.  Then pull the foam forward.  When I am done with the foam I add a square piece of olive on the bottom of the hook.  By doing this it creates a popper head.

Rub A Dub Bluegill

Tied and Submitted by: Mike Evans

Pattern Recipe:
Bass bug 1/0 bent to shape
Thread: 6/0 black
Top: Olive poly marabou
Belly: Polar While poly marabou
Cheeks:Sky blue poly marabou
Throat: Orang poly marabou
Eyes: Red glued with zap a gap

Pattern History:
I fish a lot of small urban ponds around my house.  I have seen the bass chase and even follow up the bluegill I have caught.  So I tied the Rub A Dub Bluegill.

Comments / Special Instructions:
Can be weighted or fished with a sinking tip.

Blastin’ Bluegill

Tied and Submitted by: Joseph Lopez

Pattern Recipe:
   Mustad 34007 1/0
Tail:   Green golden pheasant feathers
Body:   Olive Harline Dubbing
Over wing: Dk. Olive sculpin wool
Under wing: lt. Olive sculpin wool
Gills:  Dyed green guinea hen
eyes:   3D molded eyes Gold

Pattern History:
Living in southern New Mexico I’m closer to bass water than i am trout and while a couple of my favorite bass flies are deceivers and clousers I find alot of bluegill around and now I won’t visit any bass water without a few of these in my box!

Apple Fritter

Tied and Submitted by: Charles Kamiski

Pattern Recipe:
Mustad 34011 Size 4
Rear: Mustad 34007 Size 6
Connector: 30lb Maxima Leader material
Eyes: Black bead chain (Large)
Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus
Body: Chartreuse Estaz or Cactus Chenille wrapped around the hooks and the leader material connector
Tail: Chartreuse Marabou
Adhesive: Zap a Gap

Pattern History:
I fished semipro bass tournaments for a few years and when things got tough I would often turn to a “stick” bait to bail me out. The netural buoyancy and horizontal drop of the stick baits drove the bass crazy stimulating a “reaction bite”. I long searched for the same type of action in fly pattern and after much trial and error I developed this fly pattern which I have named the “Fritter” to mimic that action.

Comments / Special Instructions:

The rear stinger hook is attached using a snell knot. It was added for two reasons. The first reason is catch short striking fish and second is to balance the weight of the fly to give it a near horizontal drop.

Total length of the fly is 6 inches.

I tie and fish this pattern in range of colors. Some examples of the other colors:
Yellow: Lemon Fritter
Purple: Plum Fritter
Orange: Orange Fritter
White:  Snow Fritter
This fly has caught Large and Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Pike, Green Sunfish and White Bass.

Blue Moon

Tied and Submitted By: Kelly Lovelady

Hook – Gamakatsu B10S size 2/0

Body – Soft Foam (painted with Black acrylic paint, Blue Sapphire metallic paint, 5 coats of interior/exterior varnish after stick-on eyes are applied)

Eyes – Stick on

Tail – Pearl Web

Collar – Black chenille wound with Grizzly hen feather

Legs – Black legs with red flake

Pattern History:
I did not see many bass poppers/sliders with these colors, and I wanted to make something I thought would be attractive to bass in early morning, or at the end of the day.  This pattern reminded me of large blue moons on a dark sky…thus the name.

Comments / Special Instructions:
Fish it like you would any other popper/slider.  Let it sit for shortly before retrieval.

Salem Creek Bug

Tied and Submitted By: JP Lacy

Hook: Size 4 or 6 Stinger

Tail: Black Marabou, Flashabou Accent, Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Collar: White Rubber Legs, Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Body: Alternating Dark Green & Black Deer Hair.

Pattern History:
Salem Creek is an unknown tailwater in Winston-Salem NC. Its home to some real selective & spooky largemouth. This thing is designed to land quietly while reflecting the colors Salem Creek bass like best: Black, Grizzly, Olive Green & Flash.

Comments / Special Instructions:
Tips: Slip a chunk of plastic bag or saran wrap over the tail & collar before spinning & trimming the deer hair. Avoids cutting up the rest of the fly while you trim the hair to shape.