Chain Gang Crayfish

Submitted and Tied by: Dean Myers

Pattern Recipe:
DaiRiki 700B
Dumbell eyes
16 beads of bead chain
-two small rabbit strips for each claw
-foam strip glued between the rabbit strips
Antenna: pheasant tail
eyes: black bead chain
shell: furry foam
body: wiggle dubbing in dubbing loop
ribbing: copper wire

Pattern History:
After winning this contest with the chain gang stonefly, I decided to apply the bead chain concept to other patterns.  Here is one of the results.

(Editor’s Note: Dean Myers is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2010 Feather-Craft Fly Tying Contest, his pattern “The Chain Gang” is now in production with Rainy’s making him ineligible to win the 2011 Feather-Craft Fly Tying Contest… this is just for fun)

And The Winner Is……

Over 250 flies, 893 comments, 9000 video views, and over 120,000 hits on the site it is safe to say that the inaugural 2010 Feather-Craft Fly Tying Contest was a great success.   First, we want to thank the sponsors again, obviously this couldn’t have been done without Feather-Craft Fly Shop and Rainy’s Flies.  Feather-Craft “footed the bill” to get this thing up and running and Rainy’s made it possible for the winning flies to go straight into production which is what set this contest apart from all other contests.  Renzetti, Rio, Sage, Redington, Fishpond, and C&F all donated stellar prizes for the winners as well.

But most of all we want to thank YOU, the fly tyers.  Without you throwing great pattern after great pattern at us this contest/site wouldn’t have been anything.  We actually feel like this “contest” ended up being a lot more, we made some new friends,  learned a LOT about this awesome sport we all love, and just came away with a good feeling as comments from other tyers were coming in every-single-day giving many, many “pats on the back” to their fellow tiers and, honestly, their competition.  Thank you all for making this the great success that it is.

The winning flies were chosen on innovation, the “it” factor, general appeal, and actual great looks in the water and the top 3 flies covered all of those categories fully but lets be honest, there were a TON of amazing patterns that came through this contest and narrowing them down was an insanely hard job.  So withouth further ado….the winners are:

3rd Place:

John Larson’s Hydro-Psycho Series Hydropsyche Larva

2nd Place:

Sam Potts’ Big Muddy

1st place and Grand Prize Winner:

Dean Myers’ Chain Gang Stone

Again, thanks everyone and wax your thread because the 2011 Contest Starts….NOW!!!  Submit your patterns HERE!